4 reasons everyone should have a hobby

We are all very busy with our lives. Going to work and then coming home, the same old routine. Hobbies can help you to come out of this monotonous loop of life. It can freshen up your mind and help you in many ways. Here are some reasons why everyone must have a hobby.

Become creative

Hobbies can boost creativity. A person will be able to think out of the box. This will help them in their own profession as well. Innovative ideas, different plans, etc. are needed to beat the competition in today’s world. Hobbies can develop that creativity.


If you have a hobby you can divert your mind into something that you enjoy during stressful times. This will help you to clear up your mind and get de-stressed. Hobby is something that you have a passion for and you enjoy doing. So, you will feel better by spending time on things that make you happy.


When you have a certain hobby like reading books, painting, gardening, etc., you get to meet other people. For example, if reading is your hobby, then you will be going to the library to collect books. There you can meet many people. If your hobby is to play hockey, then you can meet many others in the field and socialize.

Learn new things

You can learn new things when you have a hobby. It can be helpful in your professional and personal life as well. By learning new skills you may create opportunities for better jobs.

You must develop a hobby and spend your idle times in a better way. It will teach you better things and you will have some good times.

3 ways you can improve your society

We are always after improving our own lives. We think about our career, our home, our children. But we also have a responsibility towards our society. If the condition of our society is poor, we will eventually be affected by it. Here are three ways we can improve our society.


Just the way students do voluntary services in colleges and universities, we all should involve ourselves in voluntary works. The voluntary work should continue even after we graduate. By volunteering to improve the environment, roads, or other things in the neighborhood, we can improve our lives.

We should also volunteer to help our neighbors. This can be done financially or by giving emotional support. You should also help family members by providing nursing to the sick ones, or give a hand in the household chores.

Being polite

We should behave politely with others in the community. If there is something on which you disagree, you should have a positive conversation instead of having any dispute. You should have patience and respect for the others.


We should participate in various community activities instead of shutting ourselves out. We should give votes during an election, we should show up in different community programs and meet others. This way you will have a good relationship with the others in the community.

Society is a place where everyone should live in harmony. There should be respect for one another and everyone should try to help each other overcome obstacles. The society will improve once everyone starts to cooperate.

Infographic by: PTO Today


3 answers to some of society’s problems

Our society has become much advanced now. People are getting more educated, they are finding ways to improve their lifestyles, they are thinking about the environment and energy conservation. Yet, some problems still exist and it’s hard to find answers to these problems?

Why there is still racism?

Despite the fact that we are more civilized than before, there are many people who are racists. Every day people are being victims of racism at the workplace, schools, and even on the street.

You will still read news about a black person getting murdered by a white person or an Asian not getting promotion due to racial issues. The thoughts or behaviors of a person who is a racist, root from the person’s childhood.

The things that the person learns from school, surroundings, and family shapes a person’s personality. For example, if you live in the western country, your way of thinking will be different than someone living in Saudi Arabia. So, if someone is racist, it is because of the way the person has been brought up.

Why are things getting worse?

In the past, people were happier. They lead a satisfied life with fewer complaints and troubles. Over the past few centuries, the population of the world has increased exponentially. We didn’t expect such an increase and now we are finding it difficult to handle the pressure. People always want more and the resources are limited.

Why do others blame us for what our ancestors did?

There is a difference between blaming and being responsible. If you are white then your great-grandfather may have been in the ages where slavery was accepted. As a white, he might have treated the blacks harshly. Your generation is now more polished now. The concept of slavery isn’t there anymore.

You might have never given a racist remark to anyone. But still, you may be blamed for being a racist because you are white. Instead of getting into a dispute, you should be responsible. You can join organizations that work to protect people against racism. This way you will demonstrate your values and beliefs.

We have to take responsibility for our actions. We shouldn’t blame others for what we did. Instead of fighting or igniting a war, we should try to find out peaceful solutions. Only then we will be able to improve our society.